Why choose Wildfire London?

It’s the big question. Choosing us means that you place the same value on your guests as we do. Choosing us, means we will use analytics, insight and market intelligence to create a compelling story for your venue – before designing a single thing.

By appointing Wildfire, our clients have realised the potential of their venue – from stadia and leisure venues to luxury retail and high street restaurants (even an illegal cocktail bar!) – for over a decade we have created unique, authentic, experiences – each one created solely with the guest in mind.

Whether it’s a new high street venture, existing venue or simply a tired stadium – Wildfire ensures the perfect blend of strategy, brand, experience and environment – singularly they can be effective. Together they are exemplary.

The Wildfire Way

Newcastle upon Tyne you legend!

Why are we a bit different?

We blend customer experience with commercial viability. The spaces we create work in different ways depending on the occasion, but they all have one thing in common – they are built with the guest in mind. That way we ensure the guest keeps coming back and the numbers stand out!


How we aced it!

Wildfire are both excited and delighted to announce that our friends at Keith Prowse have been appointed as exclusive, AELTC official hospitality provider for The Championships, Wimbledon from 2019 for a period of 5 years! Working with Keith Prowse to serve up the winning bid in a highly competitive tender process – a range of unique guest journeys around zoned offers were developed, that integrated food & beverage development, guest experience naming conventions and brand – all of which were built on the overarching theme of ‘Tennis in an English Garden’. Game, Set and Match!

Don’t take our word for it;

Click here to see what the AELTC had to say.

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Why you shouldn't take our word for it

I have worked with Wildfire on numerous projects over the years, most recently, Twickenham Stadium. It is due to this relationship that led me to appoint them as our partner on the AELTC official hospitality provider for The Championships, Wimbledon tender. Working collaboratively, their skill set, knowledge and understanding of the guest experience and hospitality market truly gave us a competitive edge. If you are looking to work with a refreshingly friendly and creative bunch whom have an ability to deliver truly innovative work, look no further.

Andy Vinsen, Managing Director, Keith Prowse

Why — the big question?

Why? The only question we ask ourselves when developing a new concept for a client. Why? The benchmark we live and work by. Only when we can fully answer the why, do we believe we have a winning idea to progress through to delivery. Why would you work any other way?

Why wouldn't you

Building bridges with our friends in the north!

How did we convert an idea into reality?

Working with our partners, Keith Prowse and KSS architects, we are in the process of delivering five levels of unique hospitality totalling 23,000 sqm within in the new East Stand expansion at Twickenham Stadium. Building on the overarching concept of ‘The Home of Rugby’, each of the levels is named after parts or areas of a large, grand home.

Levels 1+2 will introduce The Gate Chop House, a new restaurant that honours the natural raw power of the pack players and the cattle within an atmospheric interior clad in dark timbers and blackened steel. Due for completion in August 2018, we are pretty sure The Gate Chop House won’t have to TRY hard to be a real winner (couldn’t resist that one)!

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Click here for more details on Keith Prowse website


How are we relishing our burger challenge?

Long time friend of Wildfire, Bert Giancristofaro (phew, what a mouthful – a bit like the burgers! Sorry Bert) in Western Australia has asked us to work on evolving his recently acquired – Perth’s original and favourite – burger joints, Jus Burgers! It will be a long, on-going process with new brand, tone-of-voice and interiors to create and implement but we are sure we can serve up a flippin’ great result!

Click here to take a Captain Cook for yourself


How did we get tunnel vision?

Manchester City have changed the way the world watches football. No longer a spectator looking on from afar, The Tunnel Club takes you closer. Drawing you under the skin of the game, this is football from a fresh perspective – backstage access. Welcome to the inner circle.

Don’t just take our word for it:

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Wildfire + Manchester City

How did we help land Farnborough?

Wildfire London are pleased to announce that collaberating with our friends Sodexo, we landed the contract to deliver hospitality services at the new Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre due for completion in February of 2018. Wildfire are creating brand and interior design services for the main reception/café, restaurants, bars and fixed units alongside an ingenius bespoke ‘Airfleet’ of mobile units. Guess it was all in our final approach!

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Why You shouldn't take our word for it

Wildfire London have been exceptional. Their creative support and vision coupled with their ability to work with some extreme deadlines has been brilliant. We value them as true partners in supporting our business.

James Stanley, Managing Director, Sodexo, Sport & Leisure, UK & Ireland.

Why is Colin Always Engaged?

Because he is constantly talking with both current and potential clients, to enhance their offer. With a background steeped across some of London’s top consultancies, Colin’s focus has always been to put the guest first and it is this commitment to doing things differently that is a hallmark of his work. It is an approach that has seen Wildfire grow organically to become one of the foremost experiential agencies in the sport, leisure and hospitality industry.

Click here to see more of Colin’s background.

Leadership Team

We had a ball. Thank you @fulhamfc for a superb evening celebrating the successful opening of our 2 new hospitality spaces, The Cottage and The Flag - can’t wait for the hat-trick!

How did we help the zoo hide the animals?

Working with hospitality provider Levy Restaurants, we were tasked to create a new immersive restaurant at Bristol Zoo. On occasions it is better to use the clients own words so here is what they had to say; “Featuring sleek white-glazed brick and copper theming on the outside and immersive interactive features on the inside, the venue has augmented reality screens, wall murals and animal sounds which create the feeling of being amongst the animals. Interior designers took inspiration from nature and installed five themed zones, based on a range of animal habitats to enhance the visitor experience.” We didn’t monkey around with this one!

Click here to take a 3D tour for yourself

Wildfire + Bristol Zoo

How did we come over all patriotic?

Working with our partners Instore, we helped to deliver a unique coffee shop concept at Boxpark Croydon. In 1941 Jack Bateman founded a company called Factory Canteens right here in Croydon with the simple intention of feeding workers in the factories to enhance their productivity whilst supporting the war effort. Fast forward to today, we have taken Jack’s original principles and ideas and brought them into the 21st century, still with a view to serving good, honest food to enhance people’s day! More outlets will be heading to a high street near you soon so keep calm and carry on!

Click here to visit Bateman & Co.

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Wildfire + InStore

Why haven’t you heard of us?

Wildfire are a fairly modest bunch who like to keep work under wraps. Most agencies like to gloat about the schemes they have delivered but when it comes to our partnerships, we respect client confidentiality. Many of our projects are long-term, large-scale ventures where we work closely with the client to develop best in field hospitality and experiences specifically designed to meet the demands of the modern guest. However, we can tell you we are working on a range of projects from small independent bars and restaurants to large sporting and public arenas throughout Europe and further afield. Not bad eh?


Match highlights! A great day shooting @fulhamfc with @mariell.lindhansen

Why join the party?

It’s not all about work, work, work here at Wildfire. We design guest experiences after all so it is important that we get out and about to check on the latest bars, restaurants and entertainment venues wherever we happen to be. We like to stay on top of the latest trends as this is invaluable insight when delivering world-class environments and offerings that truly resonate with our clients and more importantly, their customers.

Work hard, play harder

How did we perfect our swing?

Topgolf is a golfing game from stateside that anyone can play (and win). Score points by hitting micro-chipped golf balls at giant dartboard-like targets on an outfield. The closer you get your ball to the centre or ‘bullseye’ and the further the distance, the more points earned. Wildfire partnered with Topgolf to overhaul the overarching theme for the interior design of each of the venues restaurant and bars. We also had to inject new touchpoints to provide an Anglo/European feel. We think we holed this in one!

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Why is David So Loud?

Because he is passionate about what we do. David has gained over 21 years experience in all aspects of brand design. He has worked with varied clients from small start-ups to multi-national PLCs in many sectors of business and has been responsible for developing the creative direction on projects of all scales. David’s passion is ideas-led design – a successful creative solution will only be effective if its origins lie in a well researched, inspirational idea on paper. He has an energetic hands-on approach, which allows him to encourage design teams to push creative boundaries and consistently deliver truly innovative work.

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Leadership Team

Lights, camera, action! Photographing our latest hospitality space at Craven Cottage.

How did we get into illicit drinking?

London’s underground ‘speakeasy’ bars are increasingly becoming the city’s worst kept secrets so we thought we may as well talk about it. At the City’s prohibition-inspired bar The Bootlegger, there’s no tell-tale neon sign or oversized doorknocker – it’s hidden between a Nando’s and a dry cleaners. Don’t be perturbed by the lack of signage. Head down the unexpected stairwell and you’ll find a basement bar whose exposed brick walls are adorned with archive photographs, dimly lit by copper pendant lamps. If you want to try it out for yourself, head here; 51° 30’ 43” | 0° 5’ 0.2”

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Wildfire + The Bootlegger

Why You shouldn't take our word for it

Working in partnership with Wildfire London helped us to realise our vision for The Bootlegger. Their strategic thinking, creativity and commercial acumen made our limited budget go a long way, making a real difference in delivering a truly exciting guest experience in a somewhat saturated market. Without their passion and drive the bar would not be where it is today – established on the London cocktail scene.

Krish J. Sathar, Founder and Owner of The Bootlegger

Why is Dan So focused?

Because creating and delivering world-class experiences, whilst keeping the big idea at the forefront of his thinking — takes serious attention. Dan has worked with numerous International brands across hospitality, retail, exhibition & experiential design. This brings vast cross sector knowledge and experience to our team, benefiting both the creative and delivery of our projects.

Dan’s ambition is to design and direct projects, that are both unique and commercially successful for our clients — setting new benchmarks across all sectors.

Click here to see more of Dan’s background.


How are we working with a highstreet giant?

Wildfire are pleased to announce we are working with our new partner, Marks & Spencer to re-imagine the future of hospitality on the highstreet. What we are doing is very hush, hush but very, very exciting. We can’t say much more at the moment but when we can it won’t be any ordinary project, it will be an M&S project – couldn’t resist.


How did we get to stamp our authority?

Working alongside Levy Restaurants and SHH architects, we developed a number of restaurant and bar offers at Excel - the largest exhibition and conference centre in London. E16 has its own bakery, with a selection of French classics including croissants, eclairs, fruit tarts and more produced fresh daily on-site. The barista bar serves a range of coffee complemented by the unique E16 blend. This all-day casual dining destination certainly gets our stamp of approval!

Click here to grab and go take a quick look


Why is Luke so thoughtful?

Because the projects are always on his mind. Luke has gained almost 20 years’ experience working at a number of award winning branding, advertising and experiential agencies throughout London. At these he had the opportunity of working with a variety of clients including Air Asia, Cineworld Group, The Orient Express Group, Coca-Cola, Peugeot, The Maybourne Hotel Group and Nike. Luke is an ideas-led creative who is passionate about delivering the exceptional to answer any brief. Luke’s wealth of experience encompassing brand, experience & interior design projects results in innovative, story-telling experiences that deliver the unexpected.

Click here to see more of Luke’s background.


Why we believe small is beautiful?

Nobody likes to boast about their size but we do! We are a close-knit team of highly experienced designers who bring together a wealth of expertise from masterplanning to guest experience, brand origination to interior design and operations to commercial & KPI’s. With these kind of skills at hand, who needs a big one.


How did we make a splash in Saudi?

Wildfire are pleased to announce the forming of a partnership with Rezayat Group Food, Facilities & Travel Division with some fantastic projects on the horizon. Best pack the sun cream!

Click here for an overview


How did we become exhibitionists?

Expo Center Norte is an international exhibition and conference centre based in São Paulo, Brazil. Wildfire were asked to consult on creating a series of fixed and mobile, restaurant and bar options to provide exhibitors and attendees alike with a range of differing food & beverage offers. We like to think they showcase some of our overseas talent.

Click here to take a quick look!

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We certainly don’t grin and Bear a work day at Wildfire Towers! Say hello to the newest staff member - Big Bear Green.

How did we bridge the gap?

Working alongside Levy Restaurants and SHH architects, we developed a number of restaurant and bar offers at Excel - the largest exhibition and conference centre in London. The Bridge specialises in authentic American classics with a range of choices to suit all tastes, whether you’re in the mood for gooey classic mac & cheese or a tender chargrilled steak or our signature juicy burger. Located in the centre of ExCeL’s thriving Boulevard, The Bridge is the ideal choice for breakfast and lunch meetings to link up with the people you want to connect with. We like to think we got over troubled waters (sorry about that)!

Click here to step across


How did we deliver a race winner?

Sodexo Prestige are preferred lead caterer for the world renowned Ascot racecourse. As part of this exclusive partnership, they have acess to their own personal box within The Grandstand. Wanting the environment to be more aligned with the guest experience they were looking to offer, Sodexo approached Wildfire to create a bespoke interior that would reflect the Sodexo offering and the Ascot races in all its Majesty - pardon the pun!


It take TŌU to tango. 2nd Katsu of the day - purely in the name of research!

How did we help whites become reds?

Introducing Seasons, Fulham Football Club’s new Wine Lounge.

Designed in a contemporary style and delivered in collaboration with BoConcept – the Danish furniture specialists whose striking creations have long adorned the most stylish interiors – Seasons is a unique concept which offers stunning interiors alongside unique vistas over the River Thames, courtesy of its Riverside Stand location within the Craven Cottage ground.

Seasons Wine Lounge truly delivers both on and off the pitch with the Reds flowing inside and the Whites scoring outside!

Click here to pour over the details (sorry about that)


Quality finishing! We’re excited to see our new hospitality space opening tomorrow - more to follow…

How did we get playful in the park?

Having worked with our partner Forward Associates, we were looking to inspire children and the young at heart. Tom’s Kitchen Deli in Dubai showcases a more playful side of the Michelin-starred chef Tom Aiken. Aimed at families visiting the Middle East’s largest, integrated theme park, at the newly completed Riverland complex, it serves classic fast food, elevated beyond its traditional confines.

Click here to see what guests think

Click here to see what Esquire made of it all


Picture perfect. Everything’s set for tomorrow’s kickoff.

Light at the end of the tunnel! Adding the finishing touches to 2 new incredible hospitality spaces - thank you @annahitahessami

Service please. @keithprowseuk quality @wimbledon #rosewaterpavilion

@wimbledon - simply the best.

Follow the leaders. @keithprowseuk what an incredible hospitality experience. Thank you for looking after us @wimbledon

The perfect delivery! Great to see @keithprowseuk delivery of championship winning hospitality @wimbledon 2019.

The sky’s the limit @eintrachtfrankfurt

Stripping back the years on one of our current projects. Fit out of the cottage @fulhamfc ready for the new season.

I don’t want to sound cheesy but what an amazing meal @cornerstonehackney - big up @cheftombrown for a true night to savour

Sometimes the best ideas just drop into place. More to be revealed…

P is for presence. We’re helping this new FMCG brand to stand out for the crowd. Watch this space!

Posh Pizza. Taking the classic Italian somewhere special. More to follow…

Tailor-made. A sneak peek of our bespoke Fabric Library identity system.

Ideas are brewing for a new client at Wildfire towers.

Pic tease. A quick flash of something special we’re working on!

We like to set high standards. Making our marque on our next hospitality project. More to follow…

Sneak peak at another #brandidentity we are currently working on - rather smart we think. More coming soon.

Our hearts have melted. Wildfire are loving @meltsmiths toasties.

VeRy excited to share a glimpse of a new project launching this summer in the Middle East.

Summer in the City.

Taking a well-earned break.

Gotta hand it to @clawfood, amazing dishes and a fantastic environment - couldn’t resist a cheeky snap!

The best bar naan! Amazing food, cocktails and environment. @brigadiersldn we salute you!

Wild Night - Let the Christmas doo commence!

Things are heating up! Smoking hot food at @temperlondon

We’ve been Tangoed! Lip-smacking goodness at @genuineliquoretteldn

Starting the week off right with a good bit of @fannyskebabs

Its Go-Go-Go! Test driving the latest VR equipment to put us in pole position.

Small plates, big flavour - Gurnard with chip shop curry sauce. One of the many highlights @perilladining

We have lift off. Our new UAE project is going to be out of this world. Watch this space..!

Managed to get a behind the scenes tour @wembleystadium

Un-beet-able! An incredible night @rootsyork sampling some of Yorkshire’s finest ingredients. @tommybanks is at the top of his game. Bravo!

Putting the past into the future! A great day meeting the passionate team @fulhamfc and hearing their love for the club.

Excited to have @cheftomkerridge as head chef in The Lock - one of our new hospitality concepts @twickenham_stadium East Stand.

Black beauty. Inspiring environments @coaldropsyard

Fuelling the ideas banks @coaldropsyard

A big day on and off the pitch for @englandrugby as the East Stand @twickenham_stadium officially opens. It was a pleasure to work on such a fantastic project - now all we need is an England win!

We believe our new Twickenham hospitality spaces are worthy of top honours. Can’t wait to see the guests enjoying the experience tomorrow - come on England!

My privates. Eyed. @genuineliquoretteldn

The weekend is about to get real @genuineliquoretteldn

What a view from our Portohole this morning - on our way to see how we can help our new friends in Portugal!

Passion is always key with Wildfire interiors… Lock No.4 - shaping up nicely @twickenham_stadium

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