How did we come over all patriotic?

Launching a new grab and go in an already crowded marketplace is not for the fainthearted. To be successful, it needs to be different. It should stand for something, able to combine substance and style.

The substance is the heritage of Compass. Formed in 1941 to help the war effort, the inspiration is Jack Bateman. The architect of a British success story and a man with a clear purpose – to feed productivity.

I had worked with Wildfire London on previous projects and I didn’t hesitate to enlist their services again for our new venture. Wildfire developed a unique Compass Group story based on Factory Canteens and its founder, Jack Bateman. This underlying narrative allowed the creation of everything from the interiors to the food, from the brand to the menus – all of which had a joined up common theme.

This story will now allow us to expand the Bateman & Co. brand – a big thanks to Wildfire and Jack!

David Tester, Head of Marketing at Compass Group.

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