The Cross Inn

Masterplanning, TIERING, CONCEPT CREATION, Brand Design, Interior Design

Southampton FC are renowned for producing truly gifted players both past and present. What better way to pay homage to this and those footballing greats than by dedicating a space to their natural talents – in particular, the ability to provide great deliveries into the box. The Cross Inn will provide the ideal space to celebrate the clubs greats. 

Having formed in a local church, Southampton may have moved on from their religious beginnings but we felt it was still a nice little touchpoint to reference within our new concept for this sports bar concept.

The space paid homage to the clubs greats within a traditional pub environment offering warm timber, stippled glazed dividers, leather banquettes and historical touchpoints dotted throughout.

Following the success of our naming and interior design proposals, the concept has been worked up to delivery stage ready for Southampton to take the next step in their growth journey.