Masterplanning, CONCEPT CREATION, Brand Design, Interior design, F&B CONSULTANCY

When asked to be involved in the design of new stadium for oneof the Premier Leagues’ biggest clubs, the answer is simple. With an illustrious history of firsts within English football, besides a raft of players whom went on to become greats in the sport, the answers to creative challenges are before your eyes. 

A highstreet level steak restaurant concept in a new football stadium – what better than to focus on the source of great meat and past great players – Argentina of course!
From Argentinian cattle ranchers to fans chanting; Come on you Spurs! – the name was based on the Spanish word for Spurs – Espuela. A restaurant dedicated to fabled meat and legendary players.
Having produced the name, interior direction and menu influence, the concept was taken forward by the club for inclusion in its multi-award winning build.