Xtra Life VR

Masterplanning, CONCEPT CREATION, Brand Design, Interior Design, DIGITAL INTEGRATION

A completely unique opportunity, we masterplanned and designed the first of a kind, best-in-class leisure park in the KSA where guests could enter an alternative world beyond reality, to become different characters within virtual reality games.

With the relaxing of the conservative KSA society, the emergence of a tech savvy, millenial generation provided the perfect consumer group from which to base our overarching creative concept for Xtra Life.

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Our design for the interior of Xtra Life is paired back to allow the main focus to be on the games. True to material surroundings such as shuttered concrete were overlayed with screens, graphics and materials to create a flexible, immersive environment.

Following the interior design and brand sign-off, we produced working construction drawings for the build contractors to follow with our guidance as project managers to ensure delivery on time and on budget.