Tokyo 2020

Masterplanning, TIERING, CONCEPT CREATION, Brand Design, Interior Design

The Olympic Games – no other sporting spectacle can capture a global audience on such a scale. We were tasked to create the foundations for a new level in sports hospitality for this prestigious event – to promote the unique style of Japanese hospitality; Omotenashi whilst reflecting Japan’s design principles of Layering, Reflection (Kanso), Courage (Shibumi) and Nature (Shizen).

We researched many aspects of Japanese culture from their unique form of hospitality to their philosophy surrounding spirituality and how this affects the use of materials and design to formulate a solid foundation from which to build our overarching concept. 

During intensive research, we discovered the importance of symbolism in Japanese society. This became our focus to develop a suite of hospitality concepts related to both Japanese culture and the Olympic philosophy.