Masterplanning, TIERING, GUEST JOURNEY, Brand Design, Interior Design

Our aim — to serve up a new master plan for the provision of official hospitality at the Worlds’ premier tennis tournament was aced! Working within the remit of the AELTC future vision plan for the club, we implemented a mile wide perimeter to ensure all the envisioned hospitality spaces were delivered and run by the newly appointed, approved ticketing partner.

Working with the stakeholder, Keith Prowse, and studying the AELTC future vision, we quickly identified a number of areas rwequiring updating and how to protect the approved ticket partner and hospitality provider from unapproved vendors.

After implementing the exclusion zone, we created a suite of offers that aligned to the concept – tennis in an English garden, developing the interior look & feel of all spaces to reflect as a seamless offer between The Championships, Wimbledon and hospitality.

We provided design elements such as brands, plans and drawings, menus to allow the design and build contractors with the ability to bring the vision to life.

Drinks are served
To the tennis!