Masterplanning, Experience Strategy, Brand Design, Interior Design

A ‘square’ – an open public space most commonly found in the heart of a traditional village or town used for community based gatherings. An open area at the meeting of streets.

Our concept offers the perfect combination of M&S heritage, philosophy and their infamous food & drink. It will become a social meeting place – a space where artisan products are expertly prepared and sold within a vibrant and welcoming environment.

With the realisation and increasing popularity of customers seeking new experiences whilst shopping it became obvious that M&S could deliver an instore dining experience within its popular food markets  that leveraged its food and drink ranges.

We identified a core design language that was at the heart of the M&S brand. Utilising this to direct our creativity, we delivered a flexible interior based around a ‘square’ that could scale depending on the size of store where it was to be implemented.