The Bridge

Brand and Experience

Centrally located at the heart of the main boulevard at ExCel, this was an opportunity to create something magnetic – a natural point for people to gravitate towards. A choice of food and drink experiences, each properly realised, to offer different options for the different points of the day.

The Bridge Detail

The Story

The Bridge is casual American dining and stretches from kiosk to bar to restaurant. Taking a space that rises from the ground to incorporate a mezzanine, and offering views over the east and west elevations, The Bridge takes its cue from famous river crossings in America.

The multi-tiered brand experience of the Bridge is pulled together by a horizontal red line – a simple visual representation of a space that dissects the concourse. The red line has a number of manifestations, from the elastic on the menu, to the key line on the dining plate and is just one way The Bridge remains cohesive while able to flex across three distinct offers.


The Final Word

One brand, spanning two floors, and flexible enough to unite three experiences.