The Wildfire Way

We blend customer experience with commercial viability. The spaces we create work in different ways depending on the occasion, but they all have one thing in common – they are built with the guest in mind. That way we ensure the guest keeps coming back and the numbers stack up.


First we get to know you. Of course that doesn’t make us special but we don’t rest until we understand everything about you and your customer. This way the creative bit that follows is rooted in reality.

We look at things from every conceivable angle. We unite your brand, the experience, the food and drink and the interior into one coherent proposition. We won’t blind you with science or bombard with you marketing-speak but come up with tangible, credible, alternative ways of doing things.


This stage is every bit as painstaking as the strategic bit. The ideas we have will challenge but will never be ideas for the sake of ideas. Each will be meticulously researched to see if it has legs and to see if it can work in your marketplace.

We re-imagine the way things are and the way things could be. This way we start to build something immersive. Something that gets people interacting and engaging with your brand. From there we can look to foster something much more powerful – the perfect storm when customers no longer transact with your brand but belong.


Branding is so much more than a simple identity. It’s the whole experience, from the sign above the door, to the furniture, to the food and drink. That’s why we consider every step of the customer journey and put in place positive associations at every point.

The best brands create a sense of belonging. They convey a feeling, a memory. They are personal and meaningful and turn the complex relationship between you and your guests into something simple and lasting. In a sentence they tell your story.

Our skill lies in distilling that story into one people want to hear.


One way we tell the story is through design. Great design is ultimately about great planning. Sure the interiors we design look extraordinary but above all they work. They are intuitive and reflect the customer journey. They just don’t necessarily follow the same well-trodden paths everyone else takes.

We create destinations with the guest at their centre. They are not one thing or the other but spaces with different personalities – spaces that can be used in a number of ways. We never let the practical overshadow the experiential.


Material things may make us happy in the short term but when compared to a shared experience, they inevitably fall short.

That’s because experiences deliver on an emotional level, from the anticipation to the memories left behind. Of course, it seems counterintuitive that something permanent offers less than the passing, but the power of connecting with people should never be underestimated.

Wildfire get this. We take what you do and rethink every aspect of your offer so every touchpoint has an emotional core. We define the whole experience in different terms – less concerned with the logical, more intent on the magical.